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Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative

Darruyay yilaaming maam-weba Muurrbay-gundi!  Ngawaadu ngiyaanya, yuludarla wajaarr gani.  Ngawaadu jalaarla ngiyambala muugay waarruwaygam; ngiyaanya balmuunambay.

Welcome to the Muurrbay website!  Our language comes from our country.  Language gives us our identity and makes us strong.

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.

Giinagay Ngujawiny

Welcome to 2016- this year Muurrbay will be participating in new and exciting adventures, be sure to watch this space as all information will be uploaded to our Facebook page

Also if ANYONE would like to ask us questions be sure to use this page as a “cyber yarning circle”. Each week we have someone who can answer your questions and/or refer you on to other Language groups or persons.

Yarri-Yarrang (see you later- in Gumbaynggirr)

Muurrbay is pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learners grammer has arrived…


Dictionary E2.1

Gumbaynggir Dictionary & Learners Grammar Edition 2


Image of Kids at fence

Curious onlookers try and sneak a look in at the new dictionary

To all those who worked so hard BANYJARRAMBANG ( you done well), especially Br. Steve Morelli, Dallas Walker, Gary Williams & Julie Long.  A special thanks to Christine Bruderlin from Burderline Maclean Publishing for designing the beautiful cover and supervising the last stages of publication.

Thank you to the Indigenous Language Support Program of
the Australian Government.

Br. Steve Morelli & Maxine Jarrett

Br. Steve Morelli & Maxine Jarrett

What we do….

Muurrbay is a leading regional language centre that provides strategic support to revitalise the languages of seven Aboriginal communities of central to north coast NSW. We work closely with Elders and local language, culture and educational organisations to conduct research, publish accessible grammar–dictionaries and develop engaging educational courses and resources.

Muurrbay gratefully acknowledges funding from the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages Support Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department via its Indigenous Languages Support (ILS) program.

Muurrbay’s vision:

  • Muurrbay supports Aboriginal people to revitalise our language and culture by leading the way in recording, publishing and teaching languages, on the ground and online.
  • The leadership of Elders and expertise of linguists, teachers and information technology experts allow us to empower Aboriginal people by strengthening sense of identity, self-esteem, links to country and life opportunities.
  • Informing non-Aboriginal people of the significance of our language and culture contributes to a more equitable society.
Teachers of the Certificate II in Gumbaynggirr: Michael Jarrett and Steve Morelli

Teachers of the Certificate II in Gumbaynggirr: Michael Jarrett and Steve Morelli


Download the Muurrbay brochure

Download the Muurrbay brochure

Muurrbay conducts language research and publishes language and teaching resources as well as developing and teaching Certificate language courses for adults, and supporting language teachers in  pre-schools and schools. We have published six dictionaries and grammars of Aboriginal languages, language teaching resources, Elder’s memoirs, children’s stories and the Handbook of the Aboriginal Languages of NSW and the ACT. We support the community by being a venue for work experience, assist with proof of identity and connecting with  family; we have an e-hub that provides access to computers and the internet, and provide administrative support to Aboriginal people who are applying to study or work.

We provide advice on language to: Aboriginal community members and organisations, TAFE and University students, Department of Environment and Climate Change (National Parks and Wildlife), Local Councils, the Department of Education and Training, Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the NSW Board of Studies.